Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to Pretty Little Details!  PLD is all about finding beauty in the little things and creating a life you love!

Around here, we believe you don’t have to spend tons of money to be stylish. We believe in trying new trends you love, and passing on those you don’t. It’s about splurging when it matters (like on a timeless handbag or an amazing jacket you can wear with everything!) and saving or DIYing when it doesn’t.

At PLD, we love to travel and explore new places. We think it’s fun to design spaces we love, throw parties and meet new people. We think healthy is more important then skinny and believe in eating real food while still enjoying the occasional treat.

Pretty Little Details is all about finding your own confident, creative voice!  Trying new things and embracing your flaws. It’s about encouraging others and sharing about the things you love!

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Meet the team:

Tips for visiting Wat Rong Khun - the White Temple in Chiang Rai ThailandJennifer Ashley [Creator & Editor]

Hi!  I’m Jennifer Ashley, the voice behind Pretty Little Details.  I live right in the heart of Canada near the little city of Winnipeg.

A few years ago, I married the love of my life (you can see all the details of our special day here!) and just recently we built ourselves a home.  Having just moved in, we are now in the process of decorating our new space and I am loving sharing the process with all of you!  When I’m not blogging, you will find me volunteering at an inner city kids program or at the barn jumping horses (my current partner in crime is a little bay horse named Rae).

Beyond writing about planning parties, and designing a home, my dream for this blog is for it to inspire women to be creative and embrace their own unique beauty.  I love fashion, and I hope that sharing my personal style will encourage you to fearlessly try new trends and develop your own trademark style!

Think we would make good friends? I’d love to connect! I try my best to respond to all comments left on my blog, as well as on instagramtwitter & facebook… so go ahead and introduce yourself already!

webIMG_1674Stéphane [Photographer]

Stéphane is Pretty Little Details’ photographer extrodinaire.  Although he rarely make an appearance on the blog, you can bet he’s the guy behind the lens at all of our fashion shoots.  His secret talents include swing dancing, leather working & knife throwing.




Janine [Social media intern]

Janine currently works as an EA substitute and will soon be attending school at the University of Winnipeg.  She lives in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, and enjoys singing, being active and hanging out with her friends & family.  She adores meeting new people and believes that every person can make a difference in the world.

Find her on Instagram here!